Empowering sustainable choices.

Our vision for sustainability is the bedrock of our growth strategy. Driven by a holistic approach, we truly believe that concern for the environment is key to business growth in the industry.

Be it working with like-minded partners, manufacturing products within our own facilities, complying with environment friendly practices set forth by our internal strategic teams or even selection of potential ventures, everything is done to realise our vision of attaining social and ecological equilibrium.

To achieve our goal we have identified four easy to adopt practices for the entire group to follow.

Respect Water
Build Community
Think Circular
Reduce Emissions

Compliance & ESG Team

60 plus member team ensuring compliance across geographies

Mr. Paul Wright

Group ESG Director

Jack Ostrowski

Founder of Yellow Octopus

Ms. Julia Rowlands

Global Compliance Ex. Director

Mr. Rajeev Sharma

Global Compliance Ex. Director

Embracing the digital world.

Digitization enables innovation, efficiency, and creates new ways of doing business. With our keen design sense, extensive industry experience and adoption of the latest techniques and technologies, PDS is enabling the fashion industry around the world cater to the fast-evolving tastes and preferences of consumers. Technology helped us expand into greater markets, save time and money, develop effective marketing campaigns and new products.

Our Digitisation Initiatives

Deploying AI
Utilising the power of AI to save time and money and achieve greater efficiencies in creating samples and mock-ups.
Saving Water With Nano-bubbles
The fashion and textile industry uses tons and tons of water across the chain. We adopted technology which uses nano-bubbles thereby replacing traditional practices and cutting down on wastage.
Virtual Display Rooms
Created interactive virtual display rooms and virtual tour for our factory premises in Bangladesh.
Innovative Supply Chain Solutions
To truly enjoy the benefits of operating in a smart world we have created innovative solutions enabling efficient supply chain management

Serving the society, a responsibility we take seriously.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we support our commitment to society through our actions. We have identified education, livelihood support and essential donations as our main focus areas for social intervention.

We have undertaken to support ‘Soham for Kids’, a charity that works towards the development of disadvantaged children, providing them with food, clothing and medical care along with education. Soham School in Mallapur in Hyderabad, India provides quality education to underprivileged children. There are no obstacles (religion, caste or other socially discriminatory factors) for the admission of a child.


To bring smiles to children in the poorest areas by providing them access to quality education.


To use the power of quality education to remove extreme poverty.

Facilities at the Soham School
Providing two nutritious meals to the kids
Providing play items
Educational material for the children
First Aid Kit for the kids & half-yearly health check-up by medical experts

Enabling livelihood

To address the challenges of pupils’, parents and guardians, by providing¬† vocational classes for adults after school, so they can develop additional livelihood supporting skills and earn.